Top 10 Questions to Ask On a College Tour: Guide.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask On a College Tour: Guide.

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The school that you choose can have an effect on your future social status, job prospects, and even your happiness. But how do you know which school to pick? One way is by taking a tour of some schools that interest you. These tours are also called “college visits.” In this article we’ll explore Top 10 Questions to Ask On a College Tour so that when it’s time for yours, be sure not to leave any questions unanswered!

Questions to Ask On a College Tour

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  • What types of activities will I be able to participate in?
  • Can you explain the school’s grading system and how it works?
  • How much personal time do students get every week outside class work and studying. (not including weekends)
  • Do different majors have their own office hours or advisors that meet with them regularly?
  • How often do students meet with their advisors?
  • Does the school provide tutoring services for struggling students?
  • What types of study spaces are available on campus and where can I access them at any time of day?
  • Are there many international students in my major/program of interest, or is it dominated by domestic students?
  • How many students live on campus and what types of housing options are available to me if I choose to stay in student housing?
  • What’s the typical class size, both for core classes as well as my intended major/program of interest?
  • Do you have any academic programs that allow students to study abroad or take courses from other institutions?
  • Who is my intended major/program of interest’s current Dean or Head and what can you tell me about them?
  • What sports teams does the college have, if any, and do they participate at a Division I level?

Those are over 10 Top Questions to Ask On a College Tour

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So in conclusion and summary, Top Questions to Ask on a College Tour is definitely something you should consider when embarking on your college tour. These questions are certain to help you make the best choice for school and what you hope or aspired to get from it!

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